Plociniak Fuel Services offers many different options when it comes to the services we provide. 

Commercial • Residential • Industrial • Agricultural

Emergency Service
Payment Discounts
Automatic Delivery
Budget Plans
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Will Call Delivery

Simple, fast and inexpensive way to buy heating oil.

Customers may receive deliveries on a “will call” basis, which allows them to determine when the oil is delivered, and how much oil they need by calling us and requesting a delivery.

Automatic Delivery

The most convenient and cost effective way to buy home heating oil.

By choosing Plociniak Fuel Services Daily Low Rate Automatic Plan, you will never have to worry about running empty or calling for oil again. We keep track of your usage and the temperature outside, and by using the Degree Day System our computers can calculate how much oil you have in your tank and forecast your next scheduled delivery. We will send an oil truck to your home before you are running low so you do not have to monitor your tank and call us when you need it. We will monitor your tank for you! Some of the numerous advantages to Plociniak Fuel Services automatic plan are as follows:
No need to stay home waiting when you need a delivery.
No need to monitor your tank and call when you are low. 
Convenient payment terms and payment options. 
Daily Low Rate on Automatic basis

Budget Plans

A Budget Plan is when the customer pays a fixed amount per month, rather than paying at each delivery. This helps spread the annual cost equally over 10 months. The amount is determined by the oil usage from previous years and divided into the 10 months. Therefore, keeping a prepaid credit for whenever it’s time to order



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